Aircraft Sales

Owning / Buying your own aircraft

If your aspiration is to own your own aircraft, then Kemble Flying Club can assist you in achieve that goal!



Our expertise from more than 30 years of being in the industry makes us ideal to be able to advise what may meet your needs and in the case of P & M flexwing aircraft we can tailor your microlight individually.

Kemble Flying Club’s facilities at The Cotswold Airport are unrivalled and with operation all year round, safe and secure hangarage with a carpeted hangar to rig flexwing aircraft.



The journey to owning your own aircraft:

1)       The dream

2)       You want to order


1) The dream

If you are reading this page then certainly flying is likely to have played a part in your dreams.  Perhaps you have started flying training

The fact is that while we all have desires and preferences my advice is start training first, or at least go far enough down the training path that the cross fertilisation of ideas you have has brought you to your own conclusion. Take a look at our flight training page here and have already identified your goal, or maybe you are looking for an aircraft with the idea of learning to fly in your own machine.


The dreamer’s journey

1)       Telephone Kemble Flying Club 01285 770077 now and arrange a visit / book a lesson.
2)       Progress your flying training.
3)       Develop your understanding of the capability of the aircraft you are flying.
4)       Compare this with reports of other aircraft and fly other aircraft types with us.
5)       Look at what is on offer new and second hand and discuss the pros and cons.
6)       Move on to make that order – see below.

2.) You want to order

1)       Arrange to fly the aircraft of your desires to confirm it’s for you.
2)       Ask for the up to date manufacturers order information and costs.
3)       Complete an order form – taking time to consider colours carefully where appropriate.
4)       Ask for an anticipated delivery date.
5)       Pay the deposit.


Flexwing Aircraft

David Young has been a P & M Aviation Dealer since 1987! He has flown and sold every aircraft in the range produced since then!

We will ensure that you are engaged at every stage of the process from delivery and rigging to the aircraft’s first test flight and subsequently to your own first flight as soon as the Permit to fly is received from the CAA.

Firstly your new machine is delivered from P & M at Manton to us here at The Cotswold Airport.  Here it is checked and rigged with your involvement inside our carpeted hanger out of the elements!
You will oversee the aircraft rigging so that you understand how your aircraft is rigged and we can answer any questions as we go.

In 2012 two customers both bought the latest hot ship P & M Quik GTR through us and here is what they had to say below:

‘Will Davis’ and ‘Stephen Shepperd’

David will personally see that any adjustments needed are met and then re-tested as necessary to ensure optimum performance is achieved in accordance with the manufacture’s guidelines.

David will also make your first flight with you and subsequent flights depending on your need for further training or conversion.

3 Axis Aircraft

Evektor/Cosmik TeamEurostar Sales
With our vast experience and knowledge of flying our TeamEurostar aircraft we can provide you with advice and assist you with your direct purchase of your own Eurostar aircraft from Light Sport Aviation at Wycombe. The latest model is the EV-97 Eurostar SL RTF or you may even consider the light sport SportStar RTC 600kg LSA

Other three axis aircraft:

Red Aviation
Flylight Airsports

The majority of three axis aircraft are available to purchase direct from the manufacturer so the level of our assistance will be at whatever level you wish.  Red Aviation supply the Ikarus C42 which we also use for training.

For further information about aircraft purchase contact Kemble Flying Club at the first instance by e-mail to: or telephone on 01285 770077