Chris Glover – AFI

Chris started flying gliders in 1983 (T21, K13, K21, K7), soloing on the K13 and moving on to the K8 (pictureto follow), and then the K6CR. Most of Chris’s flying was at Duxford before it became too busy in later years.  He flew at many different gliding clubs including some in France and Spain and in many more types (Swallow, Twin Astir, Bocian, Blanik, Puchaz, Junior) before settling on a share in a syndicated SF27. Later years (1992) saw Chris flying in competitions in a standard Libelle.  During this period he also flew in a Dimona, Squale (French single seater), Falke, Bijave (another French type) as well as flying passengers in the Puchaz. He has gained the Silver C gliding qualification and the Gold distance (300km) and duration (5hours).

Chris spent a year in Australia (Adelaide) in 1996 and was able to fly gliders (H206-Hornet and Discus) as well as gaining a PPL flying the C172, C152, PA28, C120 (tailwheel endorsement) before returning to the UK and flying the Beagle Pup (Sywell) and  Chipmonk  (Husbands Bosworth) where he learnt to tow gliders. After a break from flying, Chris took up microlighting in 2012 when he started flying Eurostars at Kemble. He continues to fly at Kemble.  He became an AFI in 2015 and is enjoying instructing on the Eurostar and C42.

In between flying full size aircraft, Chris is also a keen model pilot (F3J – thermal duration gliders) and was a member of the UK team on two occasions (2010 – France, 2014 – Martin, Slovakia), in a support capacity and as reserve pilot.