Trial Flights



Trial flights are really trial flying lessons. They are an opportunity for anyone to see what learning to fly is all about and at the same time have a fun experience. Instructors at Kemble Flying Club, in addition to normal flying training, have shared the thrill of trial flights with more than two thousand people since we were established in 1995. We offer a range of trial flights to suit all requirements. You can request a trial flight for yourself or purchase a gift voucher.

What is a trial flight?

A trial flight, or air experience flight, can to a degree be what YOU want it to be.  If you simply want to get your feet off the ground and have the pleasure of seeing stunning Cotswold views that is fine but all flying with us takes the form of a lesson in which you participate! How much actual ‘hands on the controls’ experience you have is entirely a matter for you and the instructor. Whether you have a standard trial flight or an extended trial flight, you can officially count these flights as the first contribution to training for your own flying licence.

What will we do?

After showing you around and completing a Club form we will take you on a pre-flight safety brief. The pre flight brief will depend on any previous experience you may have and will be tailored to suit. After getting into the aircraft we have to make contact with the Control Tower and will taxi for take off.  Departure from the runway is really quite exhilarating as our aircraft accelerate and climb quickly. If you are a little nervous don’t worry – the instructor will have already worked that out!

Where will we go?

The flights will vary according to circumstance, where the weather is coming in from, how high the clouds are and what you want, where you want to go. If you have a particular desire to fly somewhere in the Cotswold area please let us know. Soon we will have a map on our website that will indicate where we can fly in a given time.

What aircraft will we fly in?

The flight will be in one of our modern club aircraft. You can choose which type. If you aren’t aware of the particular differences between 3-axis and flexwing microlights we suggest you have a look at the British Microlight Aircraft Association web site. If you are buying the trial flight as a gift for another person, they can choose which aircraft they’d prefer to fly in when they book the flight.


What are the costs?

Standard Trial Flight 30 minutes

The standard 30 minute flight costs £86 and you will be with us for an hour to complete everything.

Extended Trial Flying Lesson

The extended trial flying lesson is for one hour flying and costs £160.  For this lesson you will need to allow two hours total time.

Half Day Course

For those of you who seek a little more to really see if flying is going to appeal, the Half Day Course at £286 combines a Standard Trail Flight (30 mins) and a full flying lesson with additional detailed introduction to microlight training and covering exercises 1 – 6 of the BMAA Syllabus thoroughly. Includes Temporary Club membership.

Full Day Course

This is another option which we can tailor to suite. There are more details on the Prices / Costs page but the total is £560.00.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers LinkGift vouchers are available by filling in the form here, we will then call you to take payment or you can post a cheque. If it’s urgent then please call 01285 770077. Remember that the voucher is initially valid for 12 months, making it an excellent gift option all year round! Unlike most voucher sales we will automatically renew a voucher that is out of date but we will ask you to pay the difference between the cost of the voucher at purchase date and the current charge. So, effectively our vouchers are non expiring!


How to book a trial flight

You can request a trial flight by filling in the form here or simply call 01285 770077.  We book the flight on our online system. We will need to know which type of aircraft you wish to fly in at this stage.  Come the day, or even the day before, you can call us to check the weather. We want you to enjoy the flying experience and we will not expect you to have to endure flying in poor weather conditions just so we get the flight done.

NB: The office is not manned all the time but if you leave a message including a contact telephone number we will get back to you normally the same day. All messages are forwarded immediately to the Chief Flying Instructors mobile telephone.

What to wear

Normal clothes for the time of year and you may like to have sunglasses. For the flexwing aircraft the school will provide you with a flying suit, gloves, helmet and headset to use during the flight. Please wear comfortable clothes and practical footwear.  For summer flights, please bring a sweatshirt or pullover.  For winter flights, dress warmly in layers and consider wearing thermal socks!   Any further queries, please call us!

Photographs / video

If you would like to take a camera with you on a Trial Flight that is permissible provided we can secure it with a safety strap. A camera must not have a detachable lens cap unless it is securely taped in position. We cannot allow anything other than simple picture or video taking. The main purpose of the flight is a flying lesson and any form of photography must be purely ancillary to that.

Points to note

The minimum age for taking flying lessons is 14. We will always consider taking enthusiastic youngsters for a flight as a passenger.
Disabled people can fly in microlights, provided you can be seated in comfort and safety in the aircraft. Please discuss with us.
Nominal weight limit is 105 kilos. If you are over this weight please telephone and discuss with an instructor so we can ensure the weight limit on a particular aircraft will not be breached.
Family and friends are welcome to join you – we have a nice pilot lounge and a picnic area immediately outside the Club and there is the AV8 airfield restaurant just 120m away.

We look forward to seeing you

David Young